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I find them easy to use especially in limited access areas because you can bend them. With their greater flexibility, the files are not as stressed when working in the canals. It is also nice that you do get some advanced warning that you are over stressing the files when you see it unwind some.
I have not had any of these files separate and I will continue to use them. - Dr. Alan Swett, Johnston, IA

The transition from Tulsa greater taper files to Hyflex CM was seamless and easy. - Dr. Timothy Kneller, Aurora, CO

I have been doing rotary Endodontics for more than ten years. During this time, I have used exclusively Tulsa Dental's Profile GT and GT Series X files with excellent results.The HyFlex CM file provides the flexibility and safety of a NiTi file with the pre-curvability of stainless steel. The HyFlex CM files are able to negotiate the three dimensional architecture of the canal, maintaining the flow while creating a continuous tapering cone shape. Cleaning and shaping was smooth and precise. The HyFlex CM file is a fantastic instrument for the general practitioner looking to achieve excellence in Endodontics. The HyFlex CM file addresses both the science and art of modern Endodontics.
Thanks for a great product. - John R. Dumont BSc, DDS

I truly do love the files! I think you guys have something very interesting here. I just did my first case with it and it took far less time than I expected. I have attached the Xrays as evidence. Thanks again. - Dr. Aria Irvani, DDS

I really liked the files. I think they are very efficient and safe. I like the fact they unwind, this gives you a visual clue that the file is ready to be replaced. Most other rotary systems are not so reliable. I think you are on a winner here! - Dr. Joel Fransen, Vancouver, BC

Thank you for allowing me to demo the HyFlex instruments. During the past month, endo #5, # 18, and a retreat to # 14 was performed using the HyFlex rotary system.  #5 was instrumented with the same speed as competing rotary systems.  Where the HyFlex really out shined was a 22mm mesio-lingual canal of #18.  That's 22 mm after occlusal reduction.  With a limited opening, every HyFlex was bent to 45 degrees and easily inserted into the ML canal, then straightened prior to engaging the motor.  This was a watershed moment when Endodontics became a little more exciting. Amazingly, the rotary files rebounded after sterilization.  There is a great deal of potential for HyFlex. - Dr. Woon Yi, Aurora, CO

I am always hesitant to try new things. However, I have been thoroughly impressed with the HyFlex memory files. The system is very easy to use and the ability to negotiate tight, curved canals is awesome. I love how the file bends and doesn’t shoot back. Cleaning and shaping without the risk of transporting the canal has never been easier. - Gregory B. Sweeney, DDS, North Syracuse, NY

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